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May 13, 2011
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I was the creator. I was the master of all Pokemon. They respected, loved, feared me and my power. I was God.

Until he came.

Him, with his greed and lust for power. He who had already subdued the lords of the very fabric of time and space and captured the three embodiments of the spirit. He who had conquered the sole resident of the distorted realm, a fierce enemy I had exhiled that he dared to bring back to our world. And he dared to face me now with these six legends, dared to attack me, dared to try and subdue me as well.

I... I am so terribly ashamed to admit he succeeded. Despite my immense strength, I was not able to beat down all of my legendary creations at the same time. They were healed constantly by him... while I had nothing. Slowly but surely, I was forced into submission, forced within one of the creations of the Devil, creations that were never meant to exist. You call them 'Poke Balls'. We call them prisons.

After a few minutes of being in there, I was completely under his control. I knew the law as well as anyone else, and though rage boiled throughout my blood there was nothing I could do. I was his now. He was God to a God.

You would think that a man barely even out of childhood would be estatic upon capturing a God to use as his own. But no. He looked upon me with cold, hard eyes completely devoid of love, kindness and joy. I may seem harsh at times, but I am no tyrant. I judge fairly. But this man, this human shell was not me. I could tell he ruled with a stern, iron fist that commanded respect. If he didn't get that respect, some sort of punishment would be inevitable.

He believed no emotion was the best way to be strong. He punished with blows - he rewarded not with kindness, but by witholding that blow. I'm certain now that he wanted me to live in fear of his fists and feet. But the wounds he gave me didn't hurt. They just made me feel sick, disgusted with myself for bowing to his whims.

What he did to me... is almost unspeakable. He... he forcibly erased my skills from my memory. Judgement, Earth Power, Extreme Speed, Recover... all, just gone from my mind. The empty space that filled me is indescribable. I felt... vulnerable. Open to attack. I had no defense. I wasn't that way for long, however. He taught me four new skills - skills that seemed to be embedded into discs. I will not describe how on Earth I managed to learn them, for not even I know. He called them Cut, Strength, Surf, and Fly. To add insult to injury, Cut was so weak I could just about snap a thin tree with it. Strength was not much better. Even with my power, the most I could do was push around large bolders that weren't even very large. I couldn't see the point in knowing a move called Fly, as I could already fly without difficulty. And where is the logic in knowing Surf when I can fly?

For some unfathomable reason he refused to use me in battle. I saw him hugging, petting the other members of his team, the one's who did battle. I couldn't understand it. Maybe he was a kind person... but then he would hit me again, and I would reign in my anger and pretend to cower, all the while picturing his bones snapping one by one. A kind man? No. He was a demon. And I was the demon's servant. He made it clear many times that he did not want me. He only wanted my power, and not even for battle. I was there to clear obsticles. Even after I flew him all over Sinnoh and Unova, even after I swam for miles and miles without rest to reach the Elite Four, even after I pushed rocks and bolders until my shoulders were sore... I received no praise, no thanks, not even a nod of gratitude. It was like I didn't exist. He just returned me to my Poke Ball.

The final straw came later that same day.

He didn't even have the decency to heal me. His Pokemon were mostly knocked out, the Champion's Pokemon far outclassing them. There was me, sick, injured and weak, or his Infernape, also on the brink of fainting. He chose me. I couldn't believe it, but I was determined to prove to this boy that I was not worthless. I awaited his commands... that never came. In confusion I looked over my shoulder.

He was healing the rest of his party. He didn't even give me a glance.

As the Champion's Pokemon rushed towards me, anger unlike any I had ever felt before flowed through me. How. Dare. He?! You know what? Rules and laws be damned. I drew upon the energy I knew was still stored deep within me, the power I knew I could still access, if only I tried my hardest...


I unleashed it with a roar, striking down the Champion, my trainer, the Pokemon. Pain, indescribable pain filled me as I did something no one was allowed to do. I broke one of my own laws. The hidden moves cannot be replaced unless forcibly removed by trained professionals. But I refused to give up, persevering. I would break free of this bond...

"Infernape, Close Combat."

I didn't see the attack coming. Infernape barreled into my side, his fists and feet swinging wildly, so like his master. The Pokemon's eyes were as enraged as mine, and his fury drove his attack so fiercly I was pummeled to the ground. Still he did not stop, and my trainer made no effort to stop him either. In my weakened state, Infernape was slowly beating the life from my body.

When he finally stopped I knew I would not survive. I would perish here, on the final battleground in the Pokemon Unova League. My trainer, however, had other plans. He returned me to my ball and took me straight outside. "Surf," he said, pointing at the water's surface. I looked back at him weakly. He knew I had not the strength to swim. But he also knew I had not the strength to resist. "Surf." It was said more forcibly this time, accompanied by a shove that almost made me fall into the water. With heavy feet and slow, pain-filled movements I dragged myself into the water, cringing as he hopped none too gently onto my back and drove me forward with a kick of his heel into my stomach.

The journey was pure torture. Every muscle and bone of my body ached, grew stiff, and I could feel myself slowly fading in and out of consciousness. I wouldn't last much longer at all. As we finally reached the shore line I collapsed in a heap. I no longer had the will to fight. The dark dizziness was creeping in, and I knew it was the end for me.

As I felt my life force slowly leaving me, I looked into his eyes one last time. They were blank, almost bored. Without a word he turned and left me there alone. I drew a last shuddering, painful breath and was still.

I was born a God. And  I died a slave.
Meh, I'm not too happy with where this one went near the end... :/

Emopasta-ness again.

Arceus as a HM Slave is just plain stupid as Hell. It's a GOD. You're making a God act as your obstacle remover. I really don't see the logic... -_-'

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StellaNora Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Student
WELP I think someones gonna die today. *attempts to get her 100 level shiny torchic that i never evolved into real life* LETS DO THIS!
PixieDustFox Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well... It's time for someone one to die.
WishDancer345 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014
Maybe you?
SnowFalling450 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I love Arceus, I even play with him in pokemon amie!!!!!! This "trainer" is a f*cking ASSHOLE!!!!!! ( If he can even be called a real trainer )
VioletFlare Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014
My Delhpox, Kindle, will burn that God-enslaving jackass... :icongrinfaceplz:
VioletFlare Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014
Wait, I meant Delphox. -facepalm-
Tdbreslawski Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014   Artist would've had my lucario muder whoever did  this that arcuse and help it back on it's feet.........not that i'd expect it to trust me.....
AnimalHopes Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, better get my Pokemon X team to beat up whoever did this.
lynne9123 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well,i KINDA am a HM slave-person,i did the same thing to my Arceus,but i healed mine in battle.After the game ended,i taught Arceus awesome moves (after deleteing all they old HM's.) Sooo once i read this,i felt bad but after wards,i felt good cuz after this story,i did the taught and delete thing i was talkin about :)
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